A Week in Japan

A Week in Japan

It’s already been a week since my arrival! I’ve spent time with family and friends, visited several cities and spent some time on trains. Mostly, though, my dad and I’ve been eating a ton of different foods 🙂 [The featured image is a mini Uji matcha parfait from Denny’s. If only the US Denny’s had this. 🙁 ]

My internet use is limited with my little pocket wifi, so I’ll be writing more specific posts next week. For now, here are some food photos.

My favorite fish: aji (a type of mackerel). Also the best sushi I’ve ever had! Thanks to the Fujii family for taking us to their regular sushi place 🙂

ˆˆMy first time at like a real, sit-down sushi place. They used red vinegar for their sushi rice, and it was amazing. Basically everything was amazing and super fresh.

Aji sushi.
Aji at a kaitenzushi (the rotating sushi) near where my dad’s family lives. Basically I eat aji everywhere.

Aside from sushi, I’ve eaten soba, tempura, kamameshi, cakes, yakitori and a bunch of other things, including bento boxes on the train!

bento box including sticky rice, chicken and pickled radish and things.
Bento box!

So many more pictures, but I’ll stop there for now. Although, maybe I’ll leave you with these glorious, chubby daikon radishes. I love the supermarkets here.

glorious daikon radishes in a supermarket in Japan.
chubby daikons.

There you have it! A partial overview of a week in Japan 🙂

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