Everyday Japan

Everyday Japan

I like to think that the beauty and quirks of a country (as well as the frustrations and horrors) can be seen in the everyday. When I was back in the homeland in the springtime, I was busy cherry blossom-ing and traveling around, and though I tried to capture the everyday by my camera, I didn’t quite accomplish it. 

During my most recent trip last month, I made it a mini-mission to capture a few more of these snapshots. I was only there for 10 (9?) days, and I feel like I came a bit short again, but I did capture a bit of the everyday “essence” : date scenes on a rooftop, concrete jungle, back alleys in touristy areas, crowded temples (bc, tourists are, whether we like it or not, an integral part of the tokyo ecosystem), schoolkids with yellow caps, flower shops, restaurants, food stands, pay phones…

I’m so happy that I’ve taken to this photo taking hobby, because it helps me appreciate the little things no matter where I am. Here’s to noticing the things that go unnoticed, and capturing the things that try hard to slip away.

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