Fluffy Weekend Pancakes

Fluffy Weekend Pancakes

This past Saturday, le bf + I made pancakes for lunch. I’m someone who doesn’t like breakfast food very much, so he was skeptical that I wanted to make them (and for lunch). What can I say? A whim!

I found this recipe on Google, and it worked like magic. Lovely, fluffy pancakes. The recipe calls for quite a bit of baking powder, and we used the exact amount the recipe called for – be ready for super fluffy pancakes!

We doubled the recipe because we were hungry hippos (and we also wanted some for his aunt), and threw in some blueberries for half the batch. We also attempted making gluten-free versions for his mom (with gluten-free flour), which (his mom said) tasted fine but looked like English muffins.

Next time, chocolate pancakes 🙂

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