Sundays are for Baking: Checkerboard Cookies!

Sundays are for Baking: Checkerboard Cookies!

Technically, we baked these Saturday, but I wanted to make “Sundays are for Baking” into a series, so…there’s that. The main point is that we most certainly did bake checkerboard cookies, and they turned out wonderfully! 🙂

I always had this idea that checkerboard cookies were difficult to make. Thanks in part to my neverending optimism and in large part to this lovely, easy recipe by Ochikeron (a great Japanese food/cooking YouTuber), I’ve found out that’s simply not the case! Easy to make – as long as you freeze the dough for ease of cutting! And in what will surely go down as a day in history, I actually followed the recipe to a T. These are nice cookies to have around, they don’t use too much butter or sugar. If you want a sugary cookie, I’d suggest upping the sugar amount by half or one tablespoon per dough.

I’ve always had this romantic idea of baking a TON of different kinds of cookies during Christmastime, kind of like all the Weihnachtsplätzchen/German Christmas Cookies I had the pleasure of coming across when I went to the Strasbourg Marché de Noël (Strasbourg is in France, but near the France-Germany border). This year, I’m hoping to make that a reality, so I’m initiating the practice batches with these checkerboard cookies! Or, Schwarz-Weiß-Gebäck, as I believe they’re called in German. Maybe next time, I’ll try different designs beyond just the checkerboard!

Happy baking + eating!

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