Almost November?!

Almost November?!

How is it almost November? Yeah, I don’t know either. In California, even the weather’s confused about the seasons, and it’s only recently (like…yesterday) that it seemed to remember that it’s been autumn for a while.

Some of you may have noticed that my presence has been sparse in these parts of the Interwebs. It’s because of happy news – I’m no longer (f)unemployed! I got extremely lucky and found a wonderful company to work with, helping innovative companies make their organizations stronger and more inclusive. In my first month of work, I’ve already learned so much and, to my surprise, have been able to put so much of my education (in music, French, sociology, education, qualitative research) to good use. I’ve always firmly believed in the importance and usefulness of my studies (mostly focused in humanities and social sciences), but even I didn’t expect to be able to apply so much of it at work! (And for all the haters from previous years, asking “why would you study music/French/xyz?!” all I say to you is: BOOM!)

I conducted a very slow job search, really trying to find something that fit my hopes and needs. So thanks parents, for letting me stay at home and feeding me 🙂

I literally wanted to cry happy tears during the first couple of weeks, and my hope is that everyone find such fulfilling work – well, my wish really is just for everyone to find fulfilling things/moments in life, whether that’s a job or something else 🙂

In other news, I’m headed back to Japan (again)! There’s a family wedding and I’m super excited to be able to see more of my tiny fam bam. Will Aya be able to walk around the carpeted halls of a fancy hotel in stiletto heels? Will she rip her dress? Will she remember the social faux-pas of Japanese society? Only time will tell…

Happy reading + happy living, everybody! (Also happy birthday to my pops and all other Halloween bebes)

P.S. This year, my mom’s not cooking Thanksgiving… so I’ll be doing it! Excitement? Fear? Stress? I’m not really sure yet, but I have a feeling “Adventure is out there!” You can expect to see lots of nom nom posts in the coming weeks (or, if I procrastinate, at least after Thanksgiving 🙂 )

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